Costs: The fee is determined by the therapeutic fee regulation. We understand that financial situations can be challenging sometimes, so please feel free to discuss this with us.

Tax Deduction: The coaching can be deducted as education expenses. Simply submit the invoice with your tax return.

Reimbursement: The costs of private therapy can be reimbursed by your health insurance according to § 13 paragraph 3 SGB V through the reimbursement procedure. Policyholders are entitled to reimbursement for private therapy if the statutory health insurance is unable to provide urgent services in a timely manner through contracted therapists. As a coach and therapist, we are bound by the legal duty of confidentiality according to § 203 of the Penal Code (StGB).

Do good and give a gift voucher! Coaching is a fantastic gift idea for many occasions, life situations, or as a confidence booster.


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