Connecting heart and mind. My motivation is to encourage people to live their own visions with joy. I am convinced that every human being is gifted with the self-will to follow the call of their life.

Corina König

  • Studied in Occupational and Organisational Psychology M.A., Educational Sciences M.A.
  • Systemic coaching, therapy and supervision. Member of the Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy. (
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
  • EMDR therapist Member of the EMDR Academy
  • Psychotherapy according to German Heilpraktiker law
  • Resilience trainer, autogenic training
  • Further training as a hiking guide and health hiking guide (DWV)
  • LINC Personality-Profiling
  • Since 1993 co-operation with the pme Familienservice Group, freelance work as an occupational psychologist, coach and supervisor.
  • Multilingualism: Consultations can be held in English, French, Italian and Romanian on request.

It is not the things themselves that worry us, but our ideas and opinions about them!

(Epictetus, Stoic philosopher, 50 A.D.)

Let’s find solutions together.

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